Single Sim Installer (136 MB)

Single Sim Zipped File (130mb)


Viewer zipped - pre-configured Imprudence 1.3.2 for SoaS


Note: The iliveisl blog had lots of information about SoaS but is no longer online. However, the blog posts seem intact on the WayBackMachine here: Search won't work but the page-by-page navigation at the bottom does work.

Update: This is no longer actively updated however, you can update your version with the built-in Diva Updater function.

  1. Make a backup by completly copying all SoaS folders
  2. Verify you have a live broadband connection
  3. Shut down SoaS if currently running
  4. Go to c:\SoaS08PF\diva-r25084\bin (or your SoaS location)
  5. double click Update.exe
  6. Follow prompts and let it run (takes a few minutes)
  7. To start, navigate to the new Diva folder (diva-r08210 as of Feb. 2016)
  8. Double-click OpenSim.exe


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* - this virtual world is not connected to the web